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- Who can participate in MAD INVEST?
MAD INVEST is open to all citizens outside of the following countries: United States (incl. US Persons), Mainland China, Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Guyana, Irak, Iran, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Vanuatu and Yemen.
+ How much more funding is needed to finance the film?
At least CHF 1m is required to begin pre-production of the movie. The total budget is expected to be CHF 2-2.6m.
+ When will the movie go into production?
We will begin pre-production as soon as CHF 1m MAD INVEST shares have been sold. At this point we will continue collecting money, but we will kick off preparations for the shoot. Pre-production will last 4-6 months, followed by a 6-week shoot. Once the film is shot, post-production will take another 8 to 10 months. 3-5 months will be needed to prepare the release, including two months for theatrical releases and special events before the global digital release. The total time frame between pre-production and global release will last about 18-22 months. Thus, the film is scheduled to premiere in spring/winter 2022.
+ How will the movie generate revenue and what revenue is shared with Mad Investors?
Mad Investors participate in all net revenue from the MAD HEIDI film, including digital streams or downloads, sales of DVDs, Blurays or other physical formats, and revenues from theatrical releases and TV-sales. This participation is time-limited to 7 years after the initial release of the movie. Mad Investors who invest more than CHF 3,000 also participate in all net revenues generated through merchandise sales for one year after the movie is released.
+ How many views will you need for the project to break even and start generating net revenue?
As the release is still 18-24 months away, the price of the film has not yet been set in stone. However, assuming a price of CHF 15 per view during the first wave of distribution when the film is exclusively available on, 271,896 views will be required to break even. For reference, Iron Sky (2012) which was produced by Tero Kaukomaa (who is now co-producing Mad Heidi), amassed 50 million views in the first 12 months.
+ Is there a marketing budget included in the film budget?
Yes, 23% of the budget and 15% of the revenues are earmarked for marketing & promotion.
+ What are the soft-cap and hard-cap targets of this investment round?
The soft-cap goal is CHF 1m. The hard-cap is CHF 2.6m.
+ Will I get my money back if the soft-cap goal is not reached?
Yes, if the funding goal of CHF 1m is not reached, all investments will be reimbursed to participants minus a flat fee of CHF 20 for bank charges.
+ How and when will revenues be paid out?
All revenues from the film flow directly into the blockchain-secured collection account on, and then into the wallets of Mad Investors. Each Mad Investor can then transfer their share of the revenue to their own bank account once their wallet balance has reached a minimum of CHF 30. Bank transfer fees will be borne by Mad Investors. The majority of revenue tends to be earned in the first two years after a film is released. The current release date is projected to be spring/winter 2022.
+ How is Filmchain involved in this project?
FilmChain Ltd is a UK-based company founded by Irina Albita and Maria Tanjala. FilmChain is the appointed collection service company for the Mad Heidi film, responsible for revenue collection and payment allocation to all beneficiaries. The platform is automated and runs on a combination of Ethereum-based smart contracts and trusted banking partners, making the system secure and transparent. For more information please visit
+ What is blockchain technology?
A blockchain is a form of distributed computer network that can be used to track the origin and transaction history of a digital asset - in this case MAD INVEST shares. Blockchain networks make it possible to transfer digital assets automatically without requiring a central intermediary, which reduces administrative costs. For more about blockchain, click here.
+ Is cryptocurrency involved?
Cryptocurrency is not a requirement, but you can use it to invest. Your MAD INVEST Shares will be denominated in Swiss Francs (CHF).
+ Are my shares tradeable?
No, you cannot trade your MAD INVEST Shares.
+ Will there be subtitles in my language?
We will create subtitles in all the main languages of our fan groups. The list cannot be completed yet, but it will certainly include German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. The film itself is in English.
+ How many MAD INVEST Shares are on sale?
In total, we are selling 4,000 MAD INVEST Shares at CHF 500 per share. This represents 76,92% of the total 5,200 shares. The remaining 1,200 shares (23,08%) are reserved for the creators of the Mad Heidi movie.
+ I invested in Heidi Bonds. Do I still get my rewards?
Yes, all rewards earned by Heidi Bonds holders will be honoured.
+ What if only CHF 1m is raised?
After raising CHF 1m, pre-production will begin. We will continue to sell MAD INVEST Shares and secure other sources of finance to reach our estimated total production budget of CHF2.6m. The CHF 1m threshold is simply the amount required to begin pre-production. Regardless of the number of shares sold, one share will keep its value.